Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Character Ephiny

This character is based off of a young girl who stayed with us while her family was getting settled. She became a part of our family quickly and easily. She is very sweet and I just wanted to have a character just like her. Now there are several parts where she has a little attitude or takes control and becomes a leader. The one Ephiny is based off of has these characteristics as well. She can have an attitude, what teenager doesn't, but she is the sweetest most Christian girl I have ever met. She has taken over and taught lessons in her youth class at the church and she never fails in telling anyone who wants to know that Jesus is her savior.  A lot of the adults in our church have said that we need to take a page out of this girls book and do like she does. Her character in the book is based on what I, myself, have seen of her. She has shown so much potential at being a good leader that I had to add that. She is very protective of those around her and she thinks of others before she thinks of herself. She is human so I do not want to give the idea that she is perfect because she is not, but I have been very impressed by her and that is why I chose to immortalize her personality in my book.

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