Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Character Keira

The character Keira was based off of a girl that I know through my cousin. She is very sweet and loving, but she also has a temper. I based this character off of her personality. I have known this girl for a few years now and this is the aspect I have used from her personality. The character started out blonde because the girl the character is based off of was blonde, but after years of knowing this girl as a blonde I found out that she is truly a brunette and had only been bleaching her hair. Her hair did not look like it was bleached so I didn't know. It looked all natural. She told me that she was tired of having to bleach her hair so she went back to her original color. I decided that I would change the character in the book with the times and have her as a brunette in the old days and a blonde in the present days. This worked out beautifully for the character development and explanations in the book. The story flowed easily and worked out better than I had imagined with this character. I believe that no one should be alone. And since my characters no longer have family besides each other I decided that they each needed someone to connect too. Gabriel was as alone as he could get. He didn't have family and he wouldn't allow himself to be a part of the group so I decided to add a soul mate for him as well. Keira is exactly what he needs and exactly what gets Gabriel to open up.
I hope you enjoyed this little tid bit. More post will follow at a later time.

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