Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Character Ramina

I based the character Ramina off of my best friend. The discription in the book is a discription of my friend. When I was inspired by her and my cousin to start writing again two years ago I decided to base some of the characters off of my friends and family. Ramina was one of the first characters I created while writing this book. The personality fits her perfectly. To me, she is the ultimate Amazon woman. She is half Korean and half American, but she looks more like a really tall and muscular American Indian. She is a very open person and doesn't get embarassed easily. She is one of my best friends in real life and she is perfect for the best friend of the main character in my book. We have never really had an argument in our lives, but I placed one in the book for a type of character development for the character Ramina. She read what I had written and immediately wanted to call and say she was sorry even though we didn't have the argument in real life. :) That's just how real the characters in my book have affected the people in my life. They see the personalities that are so real and it makes the story feel real to them. I truly hope that if my book gets published that the people who read it will be able to relate to at least one of the characters on a personal level and have the story feel real for them as well.
I will continue posting blogs about each of the characters and how they were developed as time goes on. I hope you enjoy the inside look.

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