Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Character Hope

The character hope has a small but crutial role in this book. She is the one that is raising the main character. In reading the book her characters reason for being becomes revealed. She is only in the first book so she will not be seen in any of the other books. This character is based off of my grandmother. She and my aunt are much alike in the fact that they are both strong willed. My grandmother has raised several children and not all of them were her own. She has always been there for me no matter what and I love her more and more each day, even though sometimes we fight and argue. :) What family doesn't? My grandfather used to call her a little squaw when he was alive and it drove her nuts, but she loved it. He called her this because she had some indian in her and she can look indian when she is tan, but her blonde hair and blue eyes are from a different aspect of her heritage. I had to use that in the book. The description of Hope is the description of my grandmother, and the personality is spot on. ;) How could I not immortalize the person who has had such an impact in my life.

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