Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Characters Kalan, Talus, and William

These characters are all figments of my imagination. Kalan is the twin brother I wish I had. Talus is the man I wish I loved. William is the power source I wish I had. :) 
Talus is my idea of the perfect man for me. I have never once found a man that carries all of the qualities that this man has. My grandfather, who passed away a few years ago was as close to a perfect man as I had ever seen. He took care of his family and friends the best that he could. He had his flaws but all humans do, but those flaws were well hidden and a person looking from the outside would never know. Only those closest to him knew about his flaws. In a way my perfect man is based off of my grandfather. Talus doesn't have all of my grandfathers personality traits - that would just be creepy- :D but he does have the aspects of my grandfather that I would want to see in the man I love. It is said that a daughter will marry a man like her father. My grandfather was my father and so I guess I use him for comparison sake. All the men I have met have seemed to pale in comparison to my grandfather and I'm not even sure there are men out there like my grandfather anymore. So I created a man like him for the love interest in my book. It isn't immortalizing my grandfather completely because it isn't all him in the personality, but in part I am immortalizing his essence in my book.
Kalan is my other half. He is brilliant and good looking. He is the type of man that all the girls would love to have. In the old days brothers took care of their sisters and that is the aspect I wanted to put into my book. Kalan is protective of his sister and they are bonded in a way that makes sure that they stay together always. They fight for each other, they love each other, and they would die for one another. (literally) ;) Kalan is the epiphany of what I would want in a brother. Now there are brothers out there who would do anything for their sisters, but I rarely see it. That is why I put this in my book, because I wanted to immortalize the brothers who are like this. Now granted he goes crazy at one point, but that doesn't mean he doesn't love his sister. :) He is just driven mad by outside forces and it causes him to think certain things that are wrong would be right. I don't want to give too much away so I apologize if that is cryptic but if you read the book then you would understand perfectly.
There has been a lot of debate about William's character. He is another figment of my imagination, and I created him out of thin air with no thoughts of anyone to base him off of, but the Muse is adamant that William's character has many aspects of another friend of ours. If the aspects of this person snuck in then I did not even think about it. I guess sometimes writers characters end up with aspects of people that they know without the author even thinking about that person to begin with. As far as I was concerned though I just made him up as a power source for the main character in times of distress, injury, or weakening of power. Gabriel and this character are a big part of the comic relief in my book. Their loathing attitudes toward each other make for great comedy. This is where the dark humor of Gabriel comes into play because it is mainly directed at William. Of course the personality William has just begs to be knocked down. He is rather arrogant and and acts like he's better then Gabriel. He has a sweet side where the main character and Ephiny are concerned, but his attitude throughout the book is mainly that of a child that doesn't get what he wants. He pouts constantly and brutes around when he's upset. I just wanted a character like this because all of the other characters have good solid personalities and I wanted a personality that was different from all the others and that could be used as a comical break from all the action and drama that happens throughout the book (sometimes the comedy comes during the action and drama because of this character)
I combined these because they weren't really based off of anyone in particular. At least not on purpose. ;)  

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